Lewiston Livestock was built and established by Vade Spencer in 1961. Almost 60 years later the stockyard is still locally owned and operated. In 1982 Doug purchased Twin City Sales Yard; which was established in 1954. After the purchase Doug merged Twin City Sales Yard with Lewiston Livestock Market.

Since the merger Lewiston Livestock Market succeeds in getting top market prices with the most take home dollars. They also accomplish sale days of 6,700 head, and special sales reaching upwards of 5 million dollars in sales. For over 50 years Lewiston Livestock Market has been operated by a staff who believes hard work, integrity, and hospitality are a way of life; making Lewiston Livestock Market the top choice of many ranchers and farmers with in a 200 miles of Lewiston, Idaho. Lewiston Livetock Market is currently owned by Clay Bickford and Tony Seubert. Along with their staff, they work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.